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Roger P. Miller, CAGA

Certified Personal Property Appraiser
Indiana Certified General Appraiser

Direct Contact Ph. 317-491-3204

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Welcome and thank you for visiting our web site. Our company is a diverse team of certified and designated USPAP compliant appraisers headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana. While a considerable portion our client base relies on us for real estate appraisal and consultations of property located in Indiana, our personal property client pool is located throughout the United States.

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Buy flagyl antibiotics online sans sans 10400 Our valuation background is extensive and ranges from single family residential dwellings, large multi-tenant commercial facilities to various machinery, equipment and business personal property assets. Our client profile consists of a mix of end users including; financial institutions, governmental organizations, institutional organizations, corporate organizations, partnerships, private individuals, attorneys, accountants, portfolio managers and intermediaries.

In today's industry, understanding and meeting the needs of clients is a crucial factor in our commitment to you
. We understand that you the client have a wide selection of appraisal firms to choose from. Feel reassured that you have found the right appraisal and consulting company to address your specific valuation needs. Our professional staff is multi-disciplined in both real estate and personal property valuation. We are capable of providing a credible appraisal report of your complete fixed asset base and real estate component. Find comfort that our appraisal reports are prepared with the precision and ethics that the industry demands with valuation and consulting for
all major property types.

If you would like to discuss your valuation needs in greater detail we invite you to call upon us via telephone or by email.

Below is a brief list of industries in which we have valuation experience.              

  • Construction Equipment                                 
  • Office Equipment                                           
  • Manufacturing Equipment                                
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    Restaurant/ Retail Equipment                        
  • Agricultural Equipment                                   
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    uni en 15251rogerpmiller.com/unopened-adnan-sami-tera-chehra-instrumental-kabhi-naee/ uni en 9252 free Material Handling Equipment                                                     
  • Processing Equipment                                     
  • Packaging Equipment                                       
  • Mines
  • Waste Processing
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